5 Packing Tips to Improve Your Rucksack Travel Organization

improve travel organization

If you’ve ever traveled before, you know how stressful in can be. Between the packing, the traveling, and the lack of sleep, it’s easy to lose yourself in the chaos. But if you want to make your next trip a little less chaotic, give these travel organization tips a try.

1. Remove Travel Clutter Before Packing Your Rucksack


Travel light. You can buy what you need where you are going, and avoid TSA hassle altogether. Create a packing list by first researching the area you are traveling to. This way you know what clothing to take, what you need to buy and where the shops are.

Cutting down your travel load also opens up more travel baggage options. Rather than checking a bag, a carry-on spares you from bag claim nightmares. If you want a backpack with enough space for weekend travel, maybe buying a rucksack is the best option. They tend to be within the parameters of carry-on bag restrictions.

Ensure that you organize everything, so buy organizers for everything. This simplifies all your packing and unpacking, as each item has a place. You will pack and unpack within minutes giving you time to experience your destination.

The worst thing is rushing for a flight trying to stuff items back into your bag. Ensure that you remove items you don’t need for better travel organization.

2. Secure Your Travel Documents and Keep Them Safe


This is something you hear way too often and for good reason. These documents represent your life so keep them secure.

Make copies of your passport, a picture of you, home address and next of kin contact. Make sure that you leave a copy at the local police station and with a family member back home. This way you already know where to go should you need help and a contact at home should you lose anything.

Keep an itinerary of all important numbers, addresses and check-in codes. Keep it handy either in your diary or on a travel app. Rather have it written down should there be no internet or your battery dies.

Keep a medical card. In an emergency health care providers will know your medical history.

3. Packing Organization Helps Keep Electronics Safe From Theft and Damage


Always carry-on your expensive electronics. Ensure that you do not check electronics in with your luggage as you risk damage or theft. Make sure that you keep all electronics charged.

Get an organizer for all your cords. It’s best to keep everything separate the last thing you want is tangling with cords all over the place.

It’s best to invest in portable battery chargers as you never know when you might need them and you can charge on the go.

Have spare memory cards and batteries in case of emergency. Ensure you know how to buy minutes in the country you’re in. The last thing you want is being unable to use your phone.

4. Rolling Your Clothes Helps With Travel Organization


Whether you are traveling light or heavy duty, the best travel hack is to roll your clothes instead of folding them. This saves you time and valuable space, especially if you’re roughing it.

Also invest in wrinkle free clothes, so less hassle about laundry. Another small hack is to keep plastic bags with you. Save some from your last grocery shopping. They come in handy, especially when you need to separate clean clothes from the dirty ones.

5. Organize Your Rucksack Strategically to Save up Space


Give each compartment on your travel bag a specific item and keep those items in there. This creates a routine as you will instinctively know where your phone is if you keep it in the top zipper. And you keep the charger in the bottom zipper. This way you stay organized and everything is within reach.

The same rule applies when you unpack. Keep it simple and organized and packing again will be a breeze. Keep the toiletry bag at the top of your bag to help get you through airport security. Roll all your clothes. Key items in the safe, travel documents with you and less hassle when you leave.

How Do You Stay Organized When Traveling?

We hope these travel organization tips keep your organized so you can focus on enjoying your travels.