See Remarkable Results With These 6 Language Learning Apps

Learning a new skill is never easy, especially learning a language. And although it’s ambitious, it’s not impossible. The most important part of learning a new language is to practice as much as possible. But that’s easier said than done. I find that the best way to get in practice time is by using language learning apps.

They’re convenient, accessible, and a lot of the times, free. Basically, language learning apps are great tools for busy people like me. So if you’re interested in gaining some practice, check out these six apps.

Language Learning Apps That Actually Work

Duolingo Is My Go-To Choice


This is by far one of the most popular languages learning apps and also my personal favorite. This app has a very user-friendly interface.

This is a very fun app to learn a new language. There are levels for you to complete that makes learning a new language very addictive. The special thing about this app is that it is aimed specially for native English speakers and is also totally free. It has become a staple example of mobile language learning.

Busuu is Pretty Innovative If You Ask Me


Even though it is new to the mobile app scene, it had made its mark on the web long before that. This app allows you to learn a new language by interacting with native speakers.

It has a super bustling community of over 50 million people. It has also been rated by Google as a “must have app” for android. All the basics and some writing exercises and audio recording are available to all but the printable pdf files, grammar-focused lessons have to be paid for.

3. Babbel Will Help You Nail Down That Vocab


This app teaches the target language by competitions and repetitive phrases with the aid of pictures. Apart from the general beginner’s courses, Babble also has separate apps for different languages. So the app users can focus on a single set of lessons and develop specific skills such as grammar and vocabulary. The classes can also be downloaded for studying offline later.

4. Memrise For My Visual Learners Out There


Memrise is one of the most creative language learning apps out there. This app is ideal for visual learners. This app is comprised of memes which makes the learning a lot more fun. You can also create your own memes. Creating memes and also revising can gain you points and help you advance. Since the content is entirely generated by the users the quality may vary.

5. Beelinguapp For My Fellow Book Lovers


A new approach to learning a new language, the app reads stories to you in the language that you are learning along with side by side text in your target and native language. The app is free but you have to pay for more new stories.

6. HINative is the Language Learning Hub for You


It supports over 100 languages. This basically is a Q&A app for all learners.  It brings together people from all around the world , learning a new language and helping resolve struggles together. Also if you are a globetrotter this is the perfect app for you as you can get the advice on the cultural norms of a place from the locals in advance. Moreover you can also ask questions through pictures.